Hotel Azul Oaxaca

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The full experience of living Oaxaca means letting oneself be enveloped by the five senses constantly. This is the real magic that creates this city. The smell of damp earth, smoked mescal and handmade tortillas, the textures of the stone in the streets the color of the architecture, the creation of the vegetation, the constant movement from the inhabitants all make Oaxaca a warm place, a space that is always calling you to come back.

Not only is Oaxaca famous for the archeological site of Monte Alban and Yagul nearby, but also for the incredible, natural area of  “Hierve el Agua,” a variety of embroideries that represent the different areas of the state. Oaxaca is also rich in its gastronomy and in the amount of experience that it offers as a city.

The Hotel Azul Oaxaca is a refuge in the center of the city. The building keeps the true identity of the city which is the work of craftsman combined with contemporary architecture and details. The result is a moderation in the base materials such as wood, concrete and steel, combined with tiles of the maestro Francisco Toledo, fabrics, furniture and details that standout for its refined aesthetics. The hotel has different suites, each one decorated in a different way, creating a different experience for each visit. It also has a terrace at the top with a view of the center of the city and a fine restaurant that is a must for its incredible handmade sauces in a molcajete, made at the time of service. The hotel service is great and will make your entire stay feel like home. The place, as it should be in Oaxaca, is surrounded by natural artwork, following the aesthetic drift from the hotel stairs to the rooms. It’s an unforgettable experience.

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