Unique Designs of Muro Rojo

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

When you know Muro Rojo’s work you can easily recognize a project of theirs where they use architecture as a reflection of a lifestyle. The dialogue between the client and them transforms voice into spaces. In Pent Garden La Loma, they worked on the interior architecture with a concept where the hotel experience and the intimacy of a home are fused. Eclectic would be the perfect word to describe this place, where you can find, in the same room, an antique sofa with a Marcel Wanders lamp. Although you can find classic and conservative furniture, they are all enhanced with patterned cushions, colorful rugs and Danish and German porcelain accessories. You can also find iconic design pieces like the Bubble Chair placed in the girl’s room and the brass center tables by Tom Dixon. The main habitation is much more sober but it doesn’t lose the main concept where contemporary elements and vintage pieces coexist. Who doesn’t like an opened space? The terrace is perfect for family convening and friend reunions. Furniture with diverse forms makes it even more interesting. The next time you see all of these elements in an apartment, house, restaurant or hotel, it is quite possible that it is a work of Muro Rojo.

(Photos by Jaime Navarro)

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