Interview with the Creator of Minhk

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

Minhk is a fun and original proposal that offers amazing shoe collections created by designer Natali Mariel Sznajderman. Her pieces are inspired by contemporary women: urban, chic, refined and very fashionable. They are made with the highest quality of leather, brought from the best tanneries in Argentina, Spain, Italy and of course, Mexico. Each shoe is handmade by artisans in the footwear industry of Mexico City, and made carefully by the most specific traditions of the industry. Here is what Natali told us.

IM: How did you come up with the brand’s name?
NMS: I wanted something short, easy to remember and with graphic strength, something alluding to an exclusive, quality product.

IM: When did the idea of creating MINHK begun?
NMS: I worked as chief designer for Pantera, and that’s when I realized that the market had several brands of high-end Mexican handbags, but not shoes. In the middle of 2013, I decided to follow my passion and create MINHK.

IM: What inspires you?
NMS: My No. 1 inspiration is leather; I like to travel and choose the raw material to immediately start working on my design process.

IM: Why is MINHK different?
NMS: It is a brand that likes to break the mold with combinations of materials and colors. The idea is to use classic and timeless silhouettes mixed with unusual leathers. Our craftsmen have over 40 years of experience in the industry and each shoe we do is extremely important for us; we put all our love and dedication in each of them.

IM: Why did you choose the Mexican industry to launch your brand?
NMS: Mexico is the ideal place for shoe manufacturing because of its great quality (several foreign brands fabricate their products in this country), besides it is also one of the largest industrial centers for shoes.

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