Hotel Esencia, the Most Exclusive Villa in Riviera Maya

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Learning to live in a state of relaxation is an art and for those that do, Hotel Esencia has become a meeting point to enjoy some wonderful days of relaxing luxury. Hotel Esencia is located between Tulum and Playa del Carmen and is hidden among the giant hotels of the Riviera Maya. Is is a secret gem that will awaken every sense.

Imagine arriving to a beautiful property of 50 acres where a large house with international history is surrounded by paradisiacal landscape; a private turquoise-blue beach with overflowing jungle and first-class gastronomy with all the services you are accustomed to, from drivers to butlers. Hotel Esencia’s history begins with its construction when it was built as a private retreat for an Italian Duchess. Subsequently, the space became a hotel for guests desiring the comfort and luxury found at the hotel.

The identity of the hotel takes shape with the new owner and his bold aura of absolute sophistication. Guests can enjoy paradise in the hotel’s beautiful and unique architecture, with elements of Mexican decor brought from different parts of the country, re-inventing comfort and creating a unique destination. The old villa remains the main space of the hotel and it has beautiful trails that lead to the 29 suites and villas. Lucky guests of the hotel find themselves far away from the noisy, large resorts on the Riviera Maya, and continually return to the topical home of Hotel Esencia.

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