Juliana Home, a Decor Paradise

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Juliana Home is an experimental space to create magical and unique interiors full of textures and character at Polanco, Mexico City. It is an aesthetic space where you can find rugs, furniture, objects, wallpapers and eclectic gifts in unique shapes and colors from different parts of the world, all made with love and a distinct and unique stamp in Mexico City. It is undoubtedly a space for inspiration and ideas. Juliana Home is not a store, it is a destination. Each visit is a different experience because the treasures found are always different.

From the genuine pleasure that comes from intervening a space, accommodating it, moving things from place, finding their place, walking through different places and cultures in search of those improbable objects and furniture with stories that speak to us, that pull us from the good habit of chatting in stores and markets, negotiating with the dealer and spending hours in the therapeutic ritual to print a style and a way to inhabit the places, from the adventure of designing your own ideas and seeing them born in the workshop and from the hands of the masters … ”

The items at Juliana Home are created with intention and with personal style. Do not miss a visit here to find a space of inspiration and creativity.

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