Malte Taller, Re designing Pewter

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

In Mexico you can find different brands and workshops with people who love their profession from weavers, embroiderers and ceramicists to pottery makers, designers and craftsmen of all kinds. The natural materials that exist in Mexico allow the people who inhabit it to use their creativity in infinite ways and since the beginning of Mexico’s cultures, the use of hands to create objects that symbolize life, time and seasons has been prevalent.

Today there are many currents in each art field that enriches Mexican culture even more, if that can actually be possible. This diversity allows us to generate more identity in each space with objects. Malte Taller is a space dedicated to design on pewter by combining graphic design and pewter to create innovative and contemporary pieces. The goal of this atelier is to create high quality products with artisanal touches by redesigning pewter without changing its use. Pewter has been used in Mexican kitchens for many years and is characterized by its origin color of blue with white little dots. Today, Malte Taller takes it to another level by integrating extraordinary drawings and designs on plates, cups, spoons, and complete tableware sets for a contemporary and unique touch. Be sure to check out the work of the talented women who have created this beautiful project. It is perfect for those of all ages who are design lovers.


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