Mesa Nápoles

In Architecture & Design, Live by Isabella Moreno

Mesa Nápoles is a space inside the city that offers a life in the community for the society. It is a gastronomic space that is located at a strategic point within Mexico City between the streets of Kansas and New York inside the district named “Napoles.” The architectural design has the objective of providing an urban space for encounter as a response to the reactivation of the neighborhood and for the large number of people returning to live in the streets and buildings of this neighborhood, with more live in the streets, in the urban landscape.
Mesa Nápoles occupies almost the entire ground floor and the first level of the building. The architectural project design works as an intervention to the original space where there is somehow a part of the existing building but with a contemporary essence without damaging the space visually. You can enter into this wonderful space by means of three different entrances that communicate between them. As the heart of the project, it has a central area with tables and the entire space is limited by the small places where different and delicious food is offered. On the second floor you will find a terrace that opens up to the entire perimeter of the outside, making it the ideal space for an afternoon with someone or by yourself and to continue creating greater coexistence in society. The project ran under the Mexican architecture office Estudio Atemporal, which have already done so much for this city.



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