Mexican Interiors with Alma y Mater

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Alma Mater means “something that relates to a person or thing that acts as a driver or motor to something.” On the basis of this deep feeling was born Alma y Mater (Soul and Mater), a Mexican interior design office with the aim of creating objects from the most sensitive and pure space: from the heart for the home. The concept by which this firm was created is the need to make objects that are extensions of the people that acquire them; objects without prejudices, objects that accompany life itself and creates memories for a lifetime. Alma y Mater makes transparent, genuine and original designs, always focusing on the comfort of home and the importance of creating it with the proper intention: reflecting the soul of their customers.

“We create places that let you catch your breath and at the same time leave you speechless.”

In addition to being characterized by a deep and romantic philosophy, this office keeps up to date with technology. They create easy bridges to facilitate the path of the object to your home; Alma y Mater works with an e-commerce specialized in interior design. It is a company that puts the heart in every detail from the design, production and development of projects with different customers, people and the environment. They also developed a project in Mexico and for Mexico called “Rosa Mexicana” where they support all the international brands that work with fair trade, reinforcing the main cause of the design: unity.


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