La Selva, Design Studio

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

La Selva (The Jungle) is an industrial design studio that works between Mexico City and Valencia. They are characterized for creating clean and smart designs with minimal waste of materials byusing the magic of geometry and new technologies to create furniture and objects. These are some of the descriptions that La Selva gives us about the beautiful objects created between these two major cities:

The Bureau 45

“45 is a system which covers dining tables, side tables and desktops. Its internal faces faceted at 45º create a mating face reinforced with a metal union. It is manufactured in 5 different sizes that can generate more than 100 combinations; the standard 1800 x 900 or 1000 x 1000, to a smaller 1600 x 800, 1200 x 600 or 600 x 600, without changing the connection system, and with the same legs in 2 different heights.

45 takes advantage of the latest technology, precision and speed of the numeric control machines. It is mechanized in a way that surfaces encountered and the metal tongue, join together to obtain a strong union and impeccable finish with minimum waste of material. 45 is made in oak and can be lacquered in several colors. They are different finishes on the covers, and the legs can be combined to the taste of the user.”

The Chandeliers “Candela”

“Modularity is the basis of Candela. A figure that leverages the ease of molding in concrete, to achieve an easy playback object to create families of this object. They work with both: independently and as a whole. The candle continues the shape of the candlestick to achieve a logical and integrated object. Directly inspired by the work of the Architect Felix Candela, in its forms and materiality and designed in collaboration with Ivan Zúñiga.”

The Cosmo Sofa 

“Cosmo is restating the traditional scheme of sofa, creating a multifunctional, versatile and customizable proposal. A chameleonic sofa, which fits both to the characteristics of the space that contains it and to the needs of the user who inhabit it. Taking advantage of the meticulously handcrafted work of Missana, the proposal takes shape through the details and finishes, combining the handicraft production and the use of numerical control, which gives rise to a balanced dialog between warmth and vanguard.”

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