MOB: Experienced Design

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

MOB is one of the most recognized names in Mexico City. MOB means design. The office was founded in 2001 in Mexico City and since then has created a brand and a space for architectural and interior design projects and custom-made furniture based on the creation of complete concepts for generating a coherent and inclusive dialog between all aspects of a space.

MOB has specialized in generating concepts and developing aspects of different firms such as Teavana, The Japonez, The Cannibal Royal Club, Barracuda Dinner, Grupo Carso, Palacio de Hierro, Mazda Motor Company and many others.

The experience they have acquired over the years has consolidated and made MOB a solid team, able to develop any type of project. The constant multidisciplinary collaborations have enriched them in a way so that they can understand the individual values that make up the structure of each one of the companies, allowing them to transcend the scope of design at the international level.

In addition, MOB has designed five collections of furniture that externalize the aesthetic qualities of everyday life. The latest collection has been designed with the intention of exalting the crafts and the craft workshops that have been part of the Mexican identity since the beginning of time. Each piece is distinguished by its unique shape and owns the name and surname of one of the artisans involved in the creative process of it. MOB is also working on a different niche, the high-end audio MM01, a project in collaboration with Margules, dedicated to the development of high performance sound equipment.

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