Nouvel Studio

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The blown glass studio, Nouvel Studio, that is located in the state of Mexico will leave you impressed and in love as it works as a stage that represents the best glass designers worldwide. After years of perfecting the technique, the craftsmen who manufactured the pieces can accomplish to satisfy any need, taking any project to unimaginable levels. The pieces that are manufactured here have been exposed in trade fairs around the world and always based on excellent taste. Since 1994, Nouvel Studio works as an art workshop experiencing and developing different pieces of glass. They work with a specialized group of designers who carry out the traditional process to different scenarios, to products exclusively produced in factories where it is manufactured by means of an automatic and artisan production, resulting in spectacular products.

The secret is the perfect mix between the proportions of the design, the artisan work and technique. Especially in the development of new shapes by pushing past the traditional boundaries of matter to innovate and create functional and beautiful objects. The philosophy of Nouvel Studio is the permanent care of the color results, taking care of the traditional processes but mixing them with contemporary techniques. These amazing objects are a must in the home of any design, art and architectural lover.




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