In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Pottery and ceramics is the art of creating objects by cooking clay at extremely high temperatures. From the beginning of time we have had the need to create objects that are useful for us to facilitate life and to create beautiful objects or simply ones that represent actions or important moments of life. The result of cooking clay or other materials at high temperatures is terracotta, and it is incredibly diverse and beautiful.

One workshop that specializes in this process is o-lab and it is made up by three women in love with industrial design and with creating objects. Their names are Paola Alanis Núñez, Leticia Perea Rodriguez and Arsai Kanthimathinathan. The ceramic atelier o-lab is located at the heart of the city of Querétaro and began in the year 2009 as a place where they could experiment with ceramic pieces. These women have managed to have an impressive customers folder including Elica, Whirpool, Santillana, Habitat Expo and many more. Their work has also been valued and recognized by different design prizes like A! Design and the V Biennial of Ceramics.

The artistic line that remains in the workshop is based on emotional design by designing functional objects that arouse different feelings in the people who use them. The catalog of created objects include everything from cookware, dishes, pots, vases and other special particular pieces. Currently o-Lab works as a multidisciplinary workshop where it creates industrial design, furniture, branding, editorial, web and graphic design projects and their products can be found in different parts of the country. Get to know them and enjoy the magic of the design!




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