Pai Pai

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The Mexican cosmetic brand Pai Pai represents Mexican traditions, culture and talent in each one of their tubes of lipsticks. Mixing beauty and art in each one of the objects, Pai Pai manages to create a product that fascinates both by the container as well as by the color and texture.

Pai Pai is a tribute to every corner of Mexico, to the artisan process of the ancient cultures that inhabited this space and that today, embellish it as a nation. Pai Pai is a cosmetics company that bases its philosophy on the love for Mexico, art, beauty and women.

In each collection, Pai Pai collaborates with a diffrent Mexican artist, from well-known to new, emerging Mexican artists, all aiming to represent the talent that inhabits the country with the intention of creating more beauty, while not limiting the options of enrichment in any way. Some of the artists who have had the good fortune to collaborate with Pai Pai are: Carolina Martin, Guillermo Huerta, Claudio Limón and currently, the collection of Isabella Moreno.

Each artist represents the joy of Mexico, the power of women, the mysticism of beauty and the idea of working to create more beautiful objects that are made in Mexico. The lipsticks of Pai Pai are sold throughout the entire country, in different boutiques and of course online.

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