Kris Goyri

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Kris Goyri is a Mexican designer, described by Elle in 2008 as the “new Mexican talent.” In that year, Kris Goyri was only 22 years old and has, since then not ceased to surprise us. That same year he introduced his first show in one of the country’s most important walkways and immediatley made fashion lovers and editors fall in love with him. This was the beginning of his career as the Mexican design star.

Goyri studied in Mexico City and later in Barcelona where he specialized in footwear design and refined his creative technique on the basis of color, design and organization. Since a young age Kris Goyri found his motivation in the creative world; the illustration, art, color and design were always the motivation to create more. Not only is this young, Mexican talented at creating a unique style that is characterized by being pure, fresh, feminine and exquisite, but each of his designs reveal the deep understanding of women and the complexity that surrounds it. The body, movement, figure and the different ways that defines the feminine shape. The designer managed to seduce fashion lovers by creating ready-to-wear collections that reflect the personality of both the designer, as well as the female environment.

The designer’s collections are categorized as the most sophisticated within Mexican design. He has participated in different creative projects like: Palacio de Hierro, Barbara Berger, Franz Mayer Museum, Pineda Covalin, the cosmetics brand MAC and COMEX.

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