Say Yes to the Place

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

Just like the selection of the engagement ring, wedding dress and guest list is very important, as is choosing the location for your wedding. Maybe you’ve always had a place or destination in mind for this event—which is one of the most significant in the lives of people—but it doesn’t hurt to know all the current alternatives to open your outlook and choose your best choice. We love Capella Ixtapa because it’s different; it is a hotel on the beach, but not the typical kind because it is surrounded by cliffs. As you can imagine the view of the Pacific Ocean is spectacular, and the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks is very relaxing. The hotel is luxurious and its architecture and decoration blends modern with ancestral culture. Capella has 59 suites, all of them with a terrace and private pool. If you’re worried about organizing your wedding from a distance you can relax; the events team of the hotel will help with the creation of a personalized package that fits what you and your partner want, and then assist you in the selection of vendors and logistics of the event. They’ll also share, if you are interested, the traditions that are carried out in Mexican weddings such as mariachi bands and the bouquet to the Virgin. In Capella the favorite couples are the ones who are getting married, and they will not hesitate to show it to you at every moment. Are you ready to say yes to the place?

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