Rau: Creating Natural Interior Atmospheres

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

One independent brand that is more active in the architecture, decor and interior design scene in Mexico City and throughout the rest of the country is Rau. The soul of this independent brand is its passion and love for plants, using them as the main focus of decoration and healing for spaces and people.

Rau is a Mexican design project whose mission is generating life and spaces full of life in any environment. The beautiful thing about this brand is the intention that they put into each piece, which starts by choosing the space where it will live, the pots of different materials and searching for special containers to create a different atmosphere. In this way they are able to satisfy different tastes. You can feel the beauty of each piece because of all the care that is put into the small details.

It is one of our favorite brands because in addition to creating life and beauty within your house or the place where you decide to put this plant and piece, it is a brand that has an identity; it is fun and above all it brings something positive to society.




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