Täleny School

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Education is an important topic in Mexico and around the world. The possibility of giving knowledge to people and especially to new generations is a priority. There are different methods of education in Mexico and globally that involve different methodologies, tools and objectives to achieve giving concepts and ideals to the people. The place where this process occurs can be ideal or can be wrong and harm the knowledge. For all these reasons and the importance of continuing to deliver education in the new generations at Guadalajara, The Architecture Study ARO designed a space specifically to meet the needs of a complete and integral education called Täleny School.

The architectural project covers three educational levels: kinder, primary and secondary spread over an area of 5,000 square meters. What stands out in Täleny School is that it is based on the educational philosophy of awakening in the students interest in motivation by means of an environment that enables curiosity in the educational community. The facilities and the architectural design encourages students to develop their own learning, diving deeper into the skills that will be useful for life. The school has spaces dedicated solely to creativity, reading, computing and robotics. The design facilitates pupils to interact in all the areas creating a simple link between the research with access to books and computing and finally into robotics. It is a beautiful example of how space can define and facilitate the thread that weaves thought. The integral education is supported by every important aspect of life, which is why the program also has a garden and a gym. Below in the images you can understand the intention of the design for a particular objective. We hope that the education as a concept continues to evolve with the continuous generations hand-in-hand with design and education.





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