In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

One of the main characteristics of Mexico is the diversity of materials that are found across the country. Different materials have been found and manipulated from many years to manufacture objects that can make life easier, richer or more beautiful. One of the most elegant brands that keep this clean view is TXT.URE, a favorite of all design-lovers. This beautiful Mexican brand works by selecting, curating and sharing the designed objects that carry history in their methodology and in its shape and presence. TXT.URE believes in experimenting with the perfect duo of craftsmen and ancestral techniques.

The process of TXT.URE is to clearly identify the fragments of the narrative of Mexican design and express it through new pieces with an emphasis on the artisan process and preserving the original technique. The way by which they curate the objects is by the selection of the best material and the exquisite experience of the craftsmen that have focused on this process for many generations. Visiting the masters of popular design and updating them to create for contemporary design for the actual consumer. TXT.URE is the bridge between the classical design and modern workspaces. The desire  is to empower and support the communities, working to create beautiful objects and position them in the place they deserve because of each of their history, technique, craftsmanship and aesthetics.

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