Oni: Designing The Path

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The new wave of creating objects with a conscious purpose has become a very important point for many brands. Oni is a social enterprise who creates different products with recycled materials, thus supporting and helping the environment in addition to benefiting different Mexican indigenous communities through fair trade. A huge part of the income of this company is donated to support actions that are friendly with the environment. Oni was born under the philosophy of creating pieces with a conscious awareness, to make a change in the different forms of consumption. In order to design the products of this brand, different questions are asked like Who has done it? In what way? what materials have been used? Do they affect the planet’s life? Are animals harmed in the process?

With each purchase of Oni shoes, you are becoming part of changing the world, since each pair you are supporting the recycling of PET, as they are manufactured with 3-4 bottles of this material that are polluting rivers, seas, lakes, streets and cities. Oni has managed to transform plastic into this Mexican hand-design embroidery and are ready to take you wherever you want. These designs are made by different communities around the country, representing the typical embroidery of each region. Of course, working with a network of fair trade with the artisans is optimal for Oni. There are a thousand reasons to buy and support this Mexican brand.




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