Just Happy

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

Usually honeymoons are long travels filled with activities and tours, but this time we have a different option, a simple trip where you and your partner will be devoted to relax and enjoy each other. No matter if your wedding is in the north, central or south part of the country, for this adventure you only have to take a flight to Veracruz and rent a car to get to Maison Couturier. This romantic and cozy hotel is part of Grupo Habita, and in a nutshell, is a small tropical paradise. Formerly an estate built by French immigrants in the nineteenth century, the building now serves as a nice hotel surrounded by banana plantations, lemon trees and vegetation. It is the ideal place to spend a few days after the wedding as the bride and groom can relax, talk, sunbath, read, walk, sip delicious cocktails and admire the starry nights. It has very few rooms, making it more private; you can choose from any of the three rooms in the original construction or one of the 15 bungalows that are in the garden, each with a private terrace, lounge and hammock. Are you ready to spend the most peaceful days of your life at Maison Couturier?

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