Hacienda de San Antonio: Pretty in Pink

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

They say the color pink has special meanings, and that is certainly the case with Hacienda de San Antonio, a beautiful property located within the state of Colima, on the slopes of an active volcano. Since the site became a hotel, it has the firm objective of giving the guest a complete experience about life in a hacienda, involving the various styles of folk art, cuisine, traditional music and of course, the beautiful architecture that remains intact. Hacienda de San Antonio is surrounded by lush gardens and diverse vegetation that keeps shining all year thanks to its excellent climate. The suites have a very special decoration; the furniture is unique and the textiles have very original designs. This destination is definitely for those who want to relax and enjoy moments that pass slow in spaces that provoke emotions. The living areas like the living room are perfect for reading your favorite book and when at the bar you can enjoy a drink while admiring the beauty of the garden. The beauty of the place also deserves satisfied palates, and that’s why the restaurant offers a variety of Mexican dishes with international touches that you’ll love. Activities such as horseback riding, mountain biking, bird watching, visits to the volcano, massages and tours to the cheese and coffee factory are also part of the experience.

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