Tequila Casa Dragones: An Exceptional Sip

In Cancún, Dine, Dine, Dine, Dine, Los Cabos, Playa del Carmen & Tulum, Puerto Vallarta by Ali Madrazo

Mexico is known for having the most beautiful beaches, the most friendly and helpful people, and also for having one of the drinks with more personality: tequila. There are few things as pleasurable for a connoisseur of tequilas like a sip of unique and special Tequila Casa Dragones, manufactured in small batches in Tequila, Mexico. It is a young, 100% Blue Agave tequila, with mild flavor that chews slowly, sip by sip. Since 2009—the year it made its debut—it has been praised by leading chefs and sommeliers for its distinctive taste along with its aroma and body that reflects the attention and care that is given to each production. Casa Dragones produces a limited number of bottles every year and each of them is signed and numbered by hand as a symbol of their commitment to quality. The tequila is distilled several times with pure spring water and uses an advanced process that eliminates any natural impurities; its bright platinum color is achieved using a highly modern filtration system. The handmade process ends when the Maestro Tequilero adds a touch of Tequila Extra Añejo, deposited in American oak barrels for five years to balance its flavor; we are fascinated to imagine everything that has to happen so that finally we can sit down to enjoy this wonderful drink. If you wondered where the name of Casa Dragones comes from, it is inspired by the legendary Dragons of San Miguel de Allende, an elite cavalry that led one of the movements that initiated the Independence of Mexico. Casa Dragones, an impressive old property located in this picturesque city, housed the stables where the Dragons spent much of their time; it is currently the spiritual home of a tequila that certainly is a treat for your palate.

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