Deisgn, Beauty and Simplicity at ILKA

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Ilka is a Mexican brand created by natives Ilana Kraus and Rosine Kalach. There isn’t an accessory that women love more than the bags; whether they are large, small, medium-sized, neutral-colored, bold-colored; with drawings, prints, fringes or different textures, we love all of them. We know each bag reflects the personality of the woman who purchases it and most importantly it contains our daily life necessities.

This Mexican brand, with its colorful and rich texture designs, has converted its products into luxury objects, internationall-known in a very small time by highlighting the greatness of the Mexican talent that exists in different ranges of design, art and architecture.

ILKA was born in 2007, making pieces of 100 percent leather. Each product is prepared with the intention to create pieces that reflect the vanguard, luxury and authentic identity of the brand. Each piece is made by hand using only the highest quality of materials sourced from certificated hatcheries. Ilka takes total care in each step of the creation process. You can find them for sale in Mexico, Venezuela, Panama and the United States.

If you are in search of a great gift for someone or are simply looking for a new option to add to your bag collection, do not hesitate to visit the online page ILKA.


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