Nizuc Resort and Spa… Soon in Cabo

In Cancún, Los Cabos by Ali MadrazoLeave a Comment

Brisas Group, the company specialized in hospitality and shopping centers in Mexico, recently announced its plans to open a new resort in Los Cabos under its luxury brand Nizuc, in addition to having other beaches in the country in mind such as the Riviera Nayarit. Their priority will always be to maintain the essence of the spectacular hotel with zen atmosphere and fabulous food in all of its restaurants and bars, as well as having a high-end concept and premium quality in both its service and its facilities. Jaime Jaramillo, General Director, and Darrick Eman, Global Director of Sales and Marketing, shared the excitement of Brisas Group to extend its territory to other areas of Mexico where more people will meet and enjoy the unique Nizuc experience. We will be waiting to follow up on this great news that we are all so eager about.

Photos courtesy of Nizuc Resort and Spa.  

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