3 Must Visit Restaurants in San Cristóbal de las Casas

In Chiapas, Magical Towns by Regina García

The most touristic city in Chiapas has a variety of culinary options to enjoy local and international food.

El Secreto

Located inside hotel Casa del Alma, this restaurant offers a fusion of healthy, Latin and Mexican food in a cozy and elegante ambiance. You can enjoy the menu from breakfast to dinner, paired with their amazing cocktails. Casa del Alma is located in the center of the city and has only 27 suites, a spa and a beautiful ethnic decoration that celebrates the culture of the magical town. 

Restaurant Lum 

They specialize in using local ingredientes and respecting their origins, by finding the freshest products for creating their meals, inspired in the contemporary Mexican cuisine. Located inside Lum Hotel, the meaning of Lum in Tzotsil is Earth, emphasizing their connexion with nature and local culture. The main purpose of this restaurant is to reflect San Cristobal’s colors and flavors.

Tierra y Cielo

Located in a beautiful house in the center of the city, this restaurant celebrates the local gastronomy. Tierra y Cielo opened its doors in 2007, by Chef Marta Zepeda, who has promoted local cuisine and received may awards that endorse her efforts. Tierra y Cielo is a socially responsable establishment, since they work with local communities promoting small business and reducing their carbon footprint.

Photographs: from the restaurant’s websites.

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