The Camino de los Altos at San Cristobal de las Casas

In Los Cabos by Isabella Moreno

The union and interest of different designers around the world and in Mexico has beautiful results. One of these great associations is called the El Camino de los Altos, built by French designers and weavers of Chiapas. The French designers and 130 weavers of the Mexican Civil Association have been collaborating since 1996 in the creation of a single textile collection which combines contemporary design and Mayan heritage.

Together they established San Cristóbal de Las Casas, a space for training, recovery and transmission of the ancestral art of waist weaving; at the same time it is a place where they have made this activity something professional by learning and teaching how to develop the creation and marketing of their products. It is a space of solidarity that contributes to improve the living conditions of the weavers and their families and offers each personal weaver development opportunities.

After 13 years of a close relationship between designers and artisans, El Camino de los Altos has created an association with funding from Elle Foundation, The Guilde, Foundation Veolia Environnement, Fondation Raja, Women’s Forum For The Economy and Society. Get to know the beautiful objects that have been created and above all, learn to value the craft processes that have been transmitted from years throughout the Mexican territory.


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