Colorindio: Mexico’s Textiles

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Colorindio is a trademark of textiles. It is the result of the love to Mexico by its two creators: Pola and Libia. Since 2009 these two women began to create works of art to feel the magic of Mexico at home. Since this year they began with the task of exploring the “Textile Route in Mexico” to form the family of Colorindio. This company is dedicated to create objects with love and dedication and this begins from the link of Pola and Libia with each one of the craftsmen who created the beautiful pieces that form their collections.

Most of the pieces are generated in Chiapas, ” the endless land” as  it’s the usually called, land where the two creators spent days completley awed, knowing the craftsmen who created the most beautiful works and are true artists of Mexico. The observation of the textile activity became the primary fascination of this duo: the way of handling the loom, colors, images and patterns created a unique experience in each space the craftsmen created; thaving as a result a history on each piece.

It works hand in hand with artisans of different communities of Mexico in Los Altos of Chiapas as San Andres Larráinzar, Zinacantán, Pantelhó, Aldama, Santa Martha, San Juan Chamula and in the Zapotecs Villages of Oaxaca. At the moment, more than 150 women, grouped into cooperatives, weave for the company.

Colorindio has also received significant support of Aid to Artisans (ATA), an organization that promotes the creation of links between producers and craftsmen at the global level; ATA handles the creation of a bank of materials, which are stocked Colorindio and other cooperatives.

Between the trips they made to form the collections and to get closer to the true process of each piece, the collection took shape offering the public: cushions, tablecloths, bedspreads, rugs, towels, and blankets. The methodology is by means of waist or pedal loom. The values of Colorindio are transparent and easy: based on respect for the autonomy of the trade community.

“This is a position before the life based on rescuing the tradition of tissue

as roots in the cultural diversity of Mexico. Colorindio is a trip

through the most remote corners of the mountains of Chiapas and Oaxaca

in search of weavers, their histories, their talents and their dreams.”

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