Meet Luis Gonzalez, Investigative Chef of The Towers at Pacifica

In Dine, Los Cabos by Suzanne Koch

Opening December 2016, The Towers at Pacifica will be Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort’s shiny new jewel with next-level service and amenities. Along with 24-hour butler service and an exclusive VIP lounge, guests will have the opportunity to taste some of the Baja’s most authentic cuisine.

Baja native, Luis Gonzalez set out in 2010 to learn everything he could about the culinary world of the Baja. Pulling from traditions and techniques, Gonzalez traveled everywhere from the Sierra desert and Jesuit missions to locals and indigenous tribes. Striving to share the exotic and rustic cuisine of his homeland and inspired by Chef Ferran Adria’s (of the three-star Michelin El Bulli in Spain) Cocina Tecno Emocional style, which applies high-level technique, molecular gastronomy, and all of the human senses to develop transcendental dishes, Gonzalez created La Cuchara del Guaycura (Spanish for “Guaycura Spoon”), after working closely with the Guaycura tribe, one of the most influential indigenous people of the Baja, earning himself the position of Chef Investigativo at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort.

Now, Gonzalez will be taking his La Cuchara del Guaycura to The Towers at Pacifica where he will share his delicious techniques with guests on a personal experience, sharing the history and tradition behind each and every dish. Guests can look forward to traditional Baja recipes like tamal siriano, a cabbage-wrapped lobster tamale with green olives, raisins, green bell pepper, tomatoes and onions as well as cipais, a sweet and savory pasta dish with meat, carrots, potatoes, and dry fruit.

“Like with others in my field, my nana was the first person who introduced me to my roots through cooking,” he says. “I now take incredible pleasure in permeating my food with everything I’ve learned, my ancestral traditions, my spiritual journeys so that guests can leave with a stronger sense of what Baja truly is.”

Gonzalez will also offer two featured dining offerings: a “Hook & Cook” fishing experience and a beachside clam roast. During the “Hook & Cook,” guests will fish from the shore and bring back fresh catch to create Gonzalez’s signature mesa de ceviches. The ceviche bar will include an array of seafood to feast on (e.g. dover sole, baby scallops, sea bass and more), and a selection of house-made add-ons such as smoked salsas, beet’s ink, infused oils and emulsions (e.g. guajillo pepper oil, habanero oil and carrot oil). His other beachside creation includes almejas tatemadas or roasted clams, where the mollusks are cooked underneath the sandy turf using dry bushes, wood, iron and stone. The clams are then dressed with a variety of vegetables, cold meats and fresh cheese, including handpicked rare local roots and cacti (e.g. ciruela del mogote, raja matraca leaf, una de gato and damiana bush, and tarbadillo root) that represent the Baja landscape.

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