Lorena Vieyra’s Intervention at Design House

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Within the multiple interventions in different venues in Mexico City during the Design Week 2016, we can find work carried out by the architect, Lorena Vieyra and the entire team of Vieyra Architects. The work is generated as a collaboration of Valeria Planos, David Fernández, Maria Rosa Hernández and Inés Soares. Design House is created hand-in-hand with Design Week, filling the city with design, interventions and creativity. The idea of this section is to project different houses inside a new experience by the natural drift inside it or during the couple of hours you may inhabit it. Different architects are responsible for activating new areas that had not been experienced under that concept. It can be an intelectual speech around an art piece or with the changing of different atmospheres around the house. For this particular intervention the architect mentions:

“The idea is that while touring around the place, depending on the point of view from where you see it, you can have a different experience… a place that invites to take a drink and enjoy a moment of reflection”.

“The Project emerges where spatial boundaries tend to fade naturally, exposing the uniformity of the set within an interfered site in a quiet garden, with art pieces from the artist Guillermo Roel. The space invites you to take ownership of the space giving the feeling of losing the roof while being able to see the stars.

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