A Complete Gourmet Day at San Miguel

In Magical Towns by Ali Madrazo

San Miguel de Allende has become one of the most visited destinations in Mexico; the city located in the state of Guanajuato has spectacular hotels, craft markets, beautiful cathedrals and above all, hundreds of restaurants that will fascinate you for their exquisite dishes and excellent service. This guide if for you to know which spots to visit for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also to enjoy a cocktail next to your favorite company.


Sun is out at Cumpanio.

Who doesn’t like to start the day with delicious cookies and muffins? Cumpanio was founded in 2011, their dishes are remembrances of French and Italian dishes merged with Mexican traditional flavors. They are located in a comfortable and cheerful space at downtown, an ideal situation. Natural juice, freshly baked bread and a variety of delicacies will make you have a joyful morning.  

Recommendation: Cumpanio Eggs and Cruffin. 


Time to lunch at Áperi

Luckily one of the best signature cuisines in Mexico is located in San Miguel de Allende: Áperi. Housed in Dos Casas Boutique Hotel, this restaurant has already become a must for all the most demanding palates. The unique culinary experience is specially designed to delight the five senses; the menu is based on seasonal ingredients from the region so that each visit supports local agriculture and contemporary Mexican cuisine. 

Recommendation: The Chef’s Table, an experience in which the Chef cooks especially for you.



Dinner for two at Zibu

In 2018 Live Aqua opened its doors in San Miguel de Allende in such a spectacular way: the hotel has positioned itself as the “place to be” for all those foodies visiting the city. Zibu is a creation of Chef Eduardo Palazuelos, where he merges Mexican and Thai food, resulting in unique dishes that highlight salty, sour, spicy and sweet flavors in an environment of velvets, silks, foliage and vibrant colors. Without a doubt, Zibu is the perfect place to spend a memorable evening with your partner.

Recommendation: Fusion Fish and Avocado Soup.



Cocktails Please at Quince Rooftop Bar

Although it is a city with picturesque style and family atmosphere, San Miguel de Allende has great nightlife options. Our favorite spot is Quince Rooftop Bar, for having the best cocktails and the most amazing view of the city. Quince has been recognized for its mixology offer, since they have a wide range of traditional and original cocktails to satisfy everyone. Music, delicious sushi and outdoor tables; what more could we ask for?

Recommendation: Quince Spirit and For the Love of Quince. 

Quince Rooftop Bar

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