Expert Mixologist Rodrigo Sosa Iriarte

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Rodrigo Sosa Iriarte is a distinguished mixologist hailing from Oaxaca, Mexico, who is renowned for his inventive and skillful approach to the art of mixology. He has earned acclaim for his expertise in kitchen experiments, particularly in the realms of growing and fermenting, working alongside his friend and colleague, Chef Roberto Madero. 

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Iriarte’s impressive career includes a significant tenure at Sabina Sabe Oaxaca, which stands out as one of North America’s Best Bars, a testament to his exceptional talent and creativity in the field of mixology. His journey in the world of luxury and high-end hospitality continues as he currently lends his expertise to the five-star Jashita Hotel in Tulum, a destination known for its luxury and exclusivity. 

Learn more about Rodrigo below!

Name: Rodrigo Sosa Iriarte 

Instagram: @Roots_sosa

Title: Lic. Gastronomy 

City you live in: Tulum, Quintana Roo 

Most recent place I’ve traveled to is: Oaxaca 

My favorite place I’ve visited: Always Oaxaca 

My top 3 bucket list destinations: Huasteca Potosina, CDMX and Riviera Maya 

A typical day in my life includes… Beach, sunsets and good food.

Never… Stop learning something new everyday.

Favorite quote…. He who does not master his loneliness believes that any company is good company.

I draw inspiration from… Local ingredients that I have on hand. It forces me to create with what I have and not what I can get.

I separate myself from others in my field by… I work on what I like and how I like things to be done. I am not so much looking for popularity, I am learning and self-educating every day.

My greatest career achievement thus far is… The greatest achievement will always be to make new friends within the industry and mark them with my way of being and thinking.

People would be surprised to know… I take too much confidence once we are friends.

The project that I am most proud of is… So far, to have worked hand in hand with people who like to experiment and to have created with them a line of kombuchas, cheeses and lactoferments.

Biggest dream… To travel to Europe and/or to know countries like Germany and Switzerland. To know new cultures, techniques, ingredients and to meet people who think out of the ordinary and to learn. 

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