More Major Airlines Look to Expand Operations at Tulum’s New Airport

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Tulum, world-renowned for its stunning Caribbean allure, is set to undergo a significant transformation in with the inauguration of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport in December.

American Airlines is at the forefront of this change, starting operations on March 28, 2024 with four daily flights, including two to Dallas/Fort Worth and one flight each to Charlotte and Miami. This move not only enhances travel options, but marks a new era in Tulum’s economic and touristic landscape. The new airport, designed to handle up to 5.5 million passengers, will connect Tulum to 27 Mexican destinations, emphasizing American Airlines’s dominant position in Mexico.

British Airlines Also Eye Tulum’s Potential

In addition to American Airlines, British Airways has shown a keen interest in operating at Tulum International Airport. This was revealed during the World Travel Market in London, where discussions highlighted the significance of attracting English tourists and streamlining visa processes for South American visitors. British Airways’s interest extends to the Felipe Ángeles International Airport and the Tren Maya project, initiatives aimed at diversifying tourism in southeastern Mexico​​​​​​.

TUI Group’s CEO, Sebastian Ebel, also engaged in talks focusing on increasing tourist arrivals in Mexico. With TUI Airways holding a significant 47.7% stake in UK-Mexico-UK routes, the group plays a pivotal role in bringing tourists from various European nations. This emphasis on European tourism is crucial as British tourists, known for their high spending, contributed $81.7 billion globally in 2021, securing the fourth position in expenditures outside their country​​​​.

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Quintana Roo Gains Momentum

Mexico’s Quintana Roo region, where Tulum is located, is poised to become the only state in Mexico with four international airports. This development underlines the commitment of the Mexican Government and Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa to foster shared prosperity in the region. The synergy between the tourism sector of Quintana Roo and the federal Secretariat of Tourism (Sectur) was highlighted at the World Travel Awards 2023, where Cancún received recognition as the Leading City Destination in Mexico and Central America and the Leading Beach Destination in Mexico. These accolades, coupled with the efforts to resolve long-standing migration issues, promise increased tourist inflow.

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The expansion of airline operations in Tulum, spearheaded by American Airlines and eyed by British Airways and TUI Group, signifies a milestone in Mexico’s tourism and aviation industry. This development is not just a boon for travelers seeking convenience and connectivity, but also a catalyst for economic growth and international tourism in Tulum and the broader Quintana Roo region. As these plans materialize, the vibrancy and potential of Tulum as a global hub are set to soar, inviting the world to explore its treasures with unprecedented ease.

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