On The Road With… Camilla Mount

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Born in Hong Kong, and raised in Sydney, Camilla has lived in Italy and Beijing, and is now currently based in London. As a digital nomad, she naturally has a thirst for travel and adventure, plus an appetite to match! Following over six years as a Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager, she now curates brands’ social media accounts.

Name: Camilla Mount

Facebook: camilla.mount

Instagram: @camillamount

Website: camillamount.com

Age: 31

Title: Social Media Manager & Content Creator

City you live in: London

Most recent city visited… Dubrovnick, Croatia

A typical day in my life includes… Eating, eating and more eating. Kidding. It’s mainly working from home or cafes when I am not traveling.

I was born in… Hong Kong

When I was younger I wanted to be… A cleaner. Haha can you believe it! I think it’s my OCD.

My first job was… An event assistant in Sydney

My favorite thing about traveling is… Immersing myself in a new culture and trying different cuisines.

I’m currently listening to… “How Do You Sleep?” – Sam Smith

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Ellen DeGeneres because I think it would be a hilarious dinner.

One thing I cannot travel without… My phone because it doubles as my camera!

I’m inspired by… The women around me!

The one person who motivates me is… My partner! Cliche, I know. He is such a hard worker and motivates me to be better in every aspect on my life.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… To live in a peaceful world without crime.

The perfect day would be… On a boat somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean with a seafood lunch, by the sea & sunset cocktails.

My favorite place I’ve visited… Oh, this is a hard one! I thought Iceland was very different to anywhere I have ever been. The landscape is out of this world! Santorini is also one of my favorites places. There’s just something magical about that place.

My top 3 bucket list destinations… A safari in South Africa, Cuba & Petra in Jordan.

My life… Isn’t always what it looks like on Instagram. People tend to think I travel 24/7 when that is not the case, but who wants to see a picture of me in track pants working from home haha.

I’m currently working on… My website. It’s a constant work in progress.

Always… Thinking about food 🙂

Never… Not thinking about where to travel to next!

Favorite quote… “Traveling – It leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Biggest dream… To travel to as many places as I possibly can.

My pet peeve(s)… People who are rude for no reason!

My 3 favorite travel influencers to follow… @samkolder @haylsa @nicoleisaacs

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