Get Tequila-Savvy with Playa del Carmen’s Tequila Academy

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A trip to Mexico isn’t complete without a little (or a lot) of tequila and as the home country of the tasty spirit where tacos and guacamole flow freely, there’s no better place to sip the liquor than here. Outside Mexico however, tequila is growing in popularity. In fact, tequila is the fastest growing category in the global spirits market and by 2019 it’s expected to be as large as the U.S. whiskey market. With the liquor being poured up and guzzled down more and more each day, many people are left in the dark when it comes to knowing anything about it. Playa del Carmen’s new Tequila Academy is ready to change that by providing a private, professional and educational tasting for both visitors and locals.

While living in the U.K., husband and wife Adam and Andi Fodor were surrounded by an endless amount of wine. With such an overwhelming amount of types and brands to choose from, wine tastings became popular as they helped people make informed decisions on which bottle to choose. After the couple visited the Caribbean part of Mexico, they noticed a lack of similar education for tequila despite the many different types available to thirsty patrons. With this in mind, Tequila Academy was found.


With Andi working behind the scenes and Adam serving up the knowledge, Tequila Academy is the perfect way to taste and learn the ins and outs of the festive spirit. Adam, who leads the tastings, has 10 years of teaching experience and is certified by Mexico City’s “Academia Mexicana del Tequila,” and London’s “Wine and Spirit Education Trust.” The course lasts between one-and-a-half to two hours depending on the group size and covers everything from the history of tequila to the best type of glass to use. The program is similar to that of a professional wine tasting where guests will learn about the different types and styles of tequila along with sipping up the liquid heaven. Guests can look forward to trying an assortment of tequila like Siempre, a Canadian brand and Tequila Academy’s sponsor. The program even includes unique tasting and smelling experiments to teach participants how to test if a tequila is of good quality. At the end of the course participants will walk away with a certificate of achievement along with all the needed knowledge to order like a pro the next time an intimidating liquor menu stares them in the face. An outline of the program is below.

  • History of tequila
  • How to read a tequila bottle
  • How tequila is made
  • Tequila regions
  • How to taste tequila
Be Playa's Rooftop

Be Playa’s Rooftop

Prices for the program vary based on group size, venue and any food/cocktails provided. The tastings are offered at three unique locations, each providing a different experience. Locations include Be Playa’s luxurious rooftop, a relaxing and cozy “chill out” room, or your very own living room. The Tequila Academy team will travel to private condos or apartments throughout Playa del Carmen and for an extra fee they’ll visit condos at any Riviera Maya location.

Since the event is a lot more personal than the average “tasting,” the program is great for a variety of gatherings like corporate events, vacations, bachelor and bachelorette parties or even as a unique feature at a destination wedding.

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