Hotel Carlota: The Reinvention of a Classic

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

The Colonia Cuauhtemoc is one of the historically richest places in Mexico City, and it is also the place that gave birth to a hotel that became a classic of the 70’s. Located at Rio Amazonas No. 73, Hotel Carlota emerged after conceptualization, design and construction, making it the trendiest place in town and here to stay for many more decades. While its creation and opening have been a huge success, it is not the kind of place that goes out of style after certain periods of time, it is rather the kind of hotel that becomes an icon of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. The architectural project carried out by the team of Javier Sanchez not only did a remodel, but managed to unite the past with the present by using unique pieces and multisensory experiences. Ignacio Cadena and his collaborators were given the task of achieving a unique concept in which architecture, design and interior design express an urban language that speaks of a contemporary, dynamic and expressive country. The furniture was created by La Metropolitana, which appears to be one of my favorite design firms. Chef Joaquin Cardoso is in charge of the gourmet area. Each of the 36 rooms were custom built and feature unique pieces of art.

Photos: Hotel Carlota

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