The Contemporary Style of LUNCHSTUDIO

In Architecture & Design, Live by Isabella Moreno

Lets begin the year on the right foot by getting to know one of our favorite interior design offices in Mexico City, LUNCHSTUDIO. Unconventional but always adequate and surprising, LUNCHSTUDIO delivers a contemporary style full of character. This office creates and directs interiors and environments from the initial concept to the final step, turning ideas into experiences. From the simple act of sitting in a well-designed bank, to the presentation of the identity of a designer translated into space, this magnificent office offers their work through interior and furniture design.

The designer Natalia Bolek is the leading creative director of LUNCHSTUDIO and likes to work by getting to know the clients and collaborating with them to find the right way to develop their brand and space, always achieving the design from a courageous, cheerful and spontaneous place. This office is located in the great Mexico City and its philosophy is based on art, architecture, art history and interior design. Some of the studio’s past projects include the boutique shop CHABE, Condesa Capital and various residences within the city.


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