Todos Santos Art Gallery: La Sonrisa de la Muerte

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

One of our favorite places in Mexico is the beautiful and picturesque town of Todos Santos in Baja California. It is beautiful by nature with its gorgeous location. Todos Santos is a space contained between mountains and the Sea with a micro-climate very similar to a tropical climate. You can feel the magic of the nature of this place upon arrival. It is definitely a place that you must visit before it loses its small town energy since the word is out on this special place, creating a Todos Santos boom!

You can find many restaurants where you are served by the owners, whether foreign or local. You can walk its beautiful streets and find boutiques filled with handmade surprises, pieces made by local artisans or high couture pieces. Jewelry, crafts and gastronomy combined with the vibrant and radiant energy of the town and its inhabitants will make it become one of your favorite spots for vacations.

One of our favorite spots within Todos Santos is La Sonrisa de la Muerte. You will find it while walking through the streets of the village. Let yourself be  surprised to see a space full of textiles, graphics, light and a feeling of endless creation. They present the work of many artists from different parts of the world and from different states of the Mexican Republic. Supporting the creation and creative flow of artists is important in all regions of the country and the world. Enjoy it and visit the local spaces.



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