Bani Artesanal

A Passion for Mexican Textiles Brought to Modern Accessories by Bani Artesanal

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Created by Mariana and Fernanda, inspired by their passion for Mexican culture and textiles they originated Bani Artesanal. They both studied Textile Design, and were looking for a way to bring the artisans work to pieces to the city houses and lifestyle.

1.- How did you decided to start Bani?

One day we met Jesús González (our head artisan), who was living in Chacalapa, Oaxaca and worked in a textile store making napkins. We asked him if he could help us make a fabric we had designed he was really enthusiastic with the idea, so we stayed to work with him for about three months until we accomplished the textile designs we were looking for. We went back to Mexico City to try and make bags with the samples we had created. Once we were happy with the design we Jesús if he was interested in working full time with us to start the brand. We went to Chacalapa to build our first woven loom in his house so he could work from home and the three of us started our first bag collection.

When the brand started growing, we needed more artisans and Jesús neighbors started asking us to join Bani Artesanal but they didn’t know how to wove; so we decided to open a mini school in Chacalapa to show them how to wove so they started working with us.

2.- How did you choose the brand’s signature style?

At first we had different ideas of how we wanted the brand’s image, but we weren’t sure of what we could accomplish. When we started designing and creating the first textile with Jesús we learned what we could and couldn’t do with the loom, so our final style was choosen after creating several tryouts.

An important thing to know about Bani is our commitment with the environment, all our products (bags, cushions and more) are hand made, the thread are recycled threads that’s why every month our products are different because we depend on the recycled threads that are released.  

3.- What communities do you work with and how do you promote fair trade?
We work with the local community of Chacapala in Oaxaca, we have been given the honor of offering them a chance to learn a new career path, a full time job and an opportunity to grow.

4.- Who is behind Bani Artesanal?
Mariana and Fernanda the brand creators and designers and a team of five artisans guided by Jesús.

5.- How do you embrace Mexican culture with your band?
Showing the world what Mexican artisans are capable of creating, the detailed process behind every piece and the assurance that Mexican artisanal products still have a room in the modern world.

6.- What products do you offer?
We offer six different bags designs with straps, pillows, carpets and more home décor products.

7.- How do you want to expand Bani?
We want to reach around the world without loosing the identity of our brand, which is that every piece we have is a unique, hand made and a work of art that embraces Mexican culture and local artisans.

Take a look at their IG to see more designs.

Bani Artesanal Bag.

Photographs: courtesy of Bani Artesanal.

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