Casa Romero: Understanding the Context to Make Quality Architecture

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Amanali Country Club & Nautica has positioned as one of the best places for vacation homes and golf lovers. Located in Tepeji del Río, Hidalgo, this place becomes the perfect environment for Casa Romero, which uses the landscape as a link with the site and its context.

Created and built by Romero de la Mora Architecture and Development, this spectacular residence had as main objectives to disappear the interior-exterior edges, having cross ventilation as well as using thermal materials. Although it is a super photogenic house, it is not only to be contemplated, it is a house to be lived and enjoyed, and every single space and detail was thought for it. Local materials were used so that together with the design they create their own microclimates, and adding a neutral color palette together with textures, the result is a cozy, honest and amazing home. The mineral selection of materials was conceived to achieve good aging and at the same time minimize the maintenance of the house. Reinforced concrete, cement-sand block, stone from the region, black breaststroke from the region, pine wood and blacksmithing are local, simple and durable, just perfect for the creation of this masterpiece.

Inserted in the middle of nature and having lighting as one of the big elements, Casa Romero achieves open spaces and a continuum flow which invites everyone to spend happy days surrounded by quality Architecture. 

Photos by Rafael Gamo

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