Design Spotlight: WK Apartment

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The apartment is arranged on two levels and the design consists of a double-height apartment with large windows and open spaces, with two key elements, one being the staircase, which was designed as a sculptural piece; structured with a steel sheet with floated marble plates forming the steps, giving the impression of lightness. In contrast, the library is the heavy element, based on wooden gates that allowed for a dynamic and versatile space, with the possibility of being open or closed and, in terms of privacy and function, allowing a visual connection between them according to the openness of the gates.

The selected materials seek to create a clean and sober space; the contrast between Acqua Bianca marble floors and large DuChateau walnut wood panels results in an elegant space. Lighting plays an important role in the design, as it responds to each area’s functionality, creating scenes of light through lightboxes that bathe the spaces with indirect light and is visually accented with chandeliers and decorative lamps.

The furniture was specially selected by understanding the space and its individual functionality, generating a harmony in both materials and colors, creating spaces that coexist naturally, giving each one its own identity. 

Architect: Concepto Taller de Arquitectura|Alberto Dana, Daniel Dana, Karen Goldberg 

Location: Mexico City

Photography: Agustín Garza

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