Retop: The Ultimate Luxury Rental Platform

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Designer pieces, curated clothing and accessories by fashion experts are brought to a more accessible way of wearing high end. Retop is the first showroom in Mexico where you can rent luxury dresses, total looks and bags for every occasion. With Retop being fashionable and ecofriendly is possible.

1.-Where does the idea of creating Retop come from?
Retop was born as a solution to the pollution and wastage problem caused by the fashion and mostly fast-fashion industry, which comes to a huge cost to the environment. In addition, our customers spend less and we help designers reach a broader audience. What’s better than having an unlimited closet with more than 50 designers within reach?

2.- How do you curate and choose the pieces?
Our inventory was chosen through an extensive analysis that involved different factors and indicators. We did a market research to know our clients potential clientes, trend reports of coming seasons and specialized studies. Always having in mind our brand’s DNA.

Retop Campaign

3.- How do you choose the sizes and brands?
Before making a selection, either for a concept store, a multi-brand store or in this case for a rental platform like Retop, you must make a market research including cultural features such as the average size and height of the country (Mexico in this case). On the other hand, the selected brands were decided by the creative area of the brand. Each one has a meaning within Retop, from aspirational firms to commercial ones, always taking into account the quality of each piece.

4.- What is the main purpose of Retop?
We want to create a community through a circular business model and we want to be able to contribute like we mentioned before to the perservation of the planet and the reduction of the environmental pollution caused by the industry. Our mission is to educate our community and create a new mindset for the rental business, we want to show them that nowadays, the rental business is the smartest purchase.

5.- How is Retop being friendly the environment?
Our business model is based on the circular economy, which focuses on the practice of reusing resources and minimizing waste generation.

6.- Do you think luxury rental is the future of fashion?
We have no doubt. The world is changing and business models with it. We need to learn to reinvent and take care of our planet. We should definitely value our world and be more selective with our purchases. Not only talking about fashion but in any purchase in our daily lives.

Retop campaign

7.- What is next for Retop?
As we have said, we do not see Retop just as a luxury rental platform, but as a community. We have many plans in mind that will gradually be given. But at the moment we are starting to create alliances with Mexican designers to help them have more exposure through our platform.

8.- What are the benefits of luxury rental as a costumer?
In addition to having access to an unlimited closet, you also can forget about dry cleaning, tailoring and filling your closet with pieces you only use once. The idea is to learn to buy timeless basics and be able to change your look for every event you have.

Check out their amazing options here and their Instagram.


Photographer Manuel Zúñiga
Creative Direction Fernanda Sánchez
Styling Maria Murillo
Hair Carlos Arriola
Makeup Adrian González
Model Marsella Rea @intheparkmanagement
Production and Styling Assistant Andres Mares

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