Aurora Covarrubias shares how she became an international artist

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We chatted with the young artist to know everything about her work of art, inspiration and what drives her creativity. Aurora’s international education has allowed her to combine different cultures in her pieces, which are sold around the world.

1.- When did your passion for art started?

My passion for art started when I was around 6 years old. I was inspired by all the family trips, mostly road trips. I used to draw anywhere and everything I saw, I drew in the car, in school, on every notebook, on hotel note pads, on napkins at restaurants. I lived and studied in several places with my family. When we lived in the United States my passion for art increased, this was due to all the support that school gives children, they help children explore their passions and skills, and then they encourage them to develop them. I enjoyed so much being able to choose some of my classes, like art history, drawing, pottery, carpentry.

2.- What do you consider was the most fulfilling academic experience?

The most fulfilling academic experience for me was, when my family and I moved to Costa Rica for a sabbatical year. There, by accident I met a professional local artist and after talking for some time she offered me painting classes. I studied her technique for a whole year, a mixed media technique, that she herself had been developing and improving over time. This was a key moment for my future, I discovered I could paint things I didn’t know I was capable of and I totally fell in love with this technique.

3.- How do art and jewelry meet?

There was a moment between design school and art school in which I decided to try jewelry. I studied in San Miguel de Allende for about 2 years and fell in love with this craftsmanship, and haven’t stopped learning since. It is amazing how you can create just anything from scratch, from wire and pure silver to elaborated and sophisticated pieces. With the money from the first paintings that I sold I assembled my silver workshop.

4.- What makes you a plastic artist?

All the different materials that merge to create my art pieces. I love using all sort of things like fabric, recycled materials, pencils, charcoals, resins, industrial paints, oils and spray paint. I enjoy making 3D and textured pieces, eye catching and interesting to the touch.

5.- What are your goals for the next 5 years?

My goals are being present in art galleries around the world in the most important cities, to travel while learning different techniques, which will allow me to improve, experiment, and develop unique pieces that reflect my style and personality. This at the same time will make me grow personally.

Lastly, my all–time goal is doing what I love and merging it with my life.

6.- How do you put Mexico in your art?

Mexico is always in my art, sometimes literally and sometimes it is what inspires me. I am forever in love with this country, its colors, cultures, sunsets, beaches, jungles, deserts, flavors and people. Everything inspires me to create, I consider this country a paradise full of magic.

7.- Where can we buy your pieces (art and jewelry)?

My pieces can be bought in several places in Los Cabos, Mexico. You can find them at Chileno Bay Resort, Esperanza an Auberge Resort, Pez Gordo Gallery at Palmilla Shoppes, The Cape Hotel, through Unique Luxury and lastly directly from me.

8.- What do you consider has been your biggest career achievement?

I consider that my biggest career achievement is being successful at a profession that is also my passion. Being able to discover and choose this passion for life has given me the opportunity of having my art exhibited in México, Spain and Costa Rica, and the satisfaction of having pieces sold internationally, such as in in Mexico, United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Spain, England and Guatemala.

Make sure to check out her Portafolio here and her IG @artauroracov

Photographs: courtesy of Aurora.

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