The Interior Decor of Sofía Aspe

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Sofia Aspe is a Mexican woman passionate about design, architecture, landscaping and good living. Through her education, travel and studies Sofia Aspe has managed to develop a unique sense of space full of textures, colors, materials and objects that communicate between each other to create a much more beautiful daily life at home. The style that she uses for interior decoration reflects the personal style of her own life, as well as the projection of tastes of the owners of the spaces. She has intervened in rest homes, residences, departments, offices and art spaces with her wonderful talent for creating atmospheres in spaces by including new objects and textures. It is magic to see the before and after spaces she has completed.

With Sofia Aspe Interior Decoration you have the option to create your dream space from the architectural project up to the most intimate details of decoration that give identity to the spaces. Her office is characterized by being daring, eclectic and with the highest quality in all objects, always looking out for the most absolute warmth and comfort in each area. She is recognized by creating timeless spaces with the highest excellence, spaces where she prints the quality of art, textiles, house objects, lighting, plants and sounds that make home much more special place to be and live. The last surprise of the designer was the intervention of a space at Design House for the DWM 2016.

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