Sādhu: A Wellness and Nature Encounter

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Sādhu is a group that organices holistic experiences, with the purpose of helping you reconnect with your innersole and achieve high levels of wellness. Their next retreat is called The Surreal Edition and will be held at the Huasteca Potosina.

From May 5th to the 9th this spiritual experience will happen in the Huasteca Potosina located in San Luis Potosí. During this encounter every aspect of the human body is explored from the spiritual and mental part to the physical one. Achieving a deep conexión with yourself and the Earth is one of the many benefits of this trip, and what better environment that surrounded by nature, and a with combination of millenary techniques and the latest technology.

Five days will different planned activities that include ceremonies, yoga practice, breathing and meditation sessions, energetic healing, and many more wellness experiences. Throughout this days you will be able to scape monotony and explore your self and one of the most amazing regions of Mexico. The Huasteca Potonsina its known for their mystical and magical places like waterfalls, gardens, natural dregs, caverns, among others. 

The program

The first day starts with a cleansing ceremony with a native Chaman. Followed by yoga flows and focused meditations then a journey to the wonders of the region like pristine cavers, waterfalls and canyoneering in Micos River. Then some paddle board in the river, a rappel next to the waterfall and finally the Cave of Swallos the largest known cave shaft in the world. Finally a stroll through Xilitla, a town where it’s possible to visit the Lenora Carrington Museum and Las Pozas, a magical garden created artist by Edward James in the middle of the rainforest with surrealist sculptures. 

We will take your body on a trip of freedom, play and joy through specific yoga flows, and focused meditations that will enhance the connection with your soul and set the stage to embrace mother earth’s gifts.


For more information visit their website or @sadhu_encounters

Photographs: Canva.

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