Amoriki, Guiding Creativity

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

A Mexican boutique dedicated to nurturing creativity for all ages, Amoriki fills life with color, fantasy, dreams and textures by means of clothes, costumes and accessories that have been handmade. This magical and childish craft design in Mexico is just getting re-explored and rediscovered. The intention of Amoriki is to constantly live in a dreamlike mist just like a child. The objects are material reminders that life exists for feeling it and watching it with the purity of a child, with a curious nature, with spontaneity and above all with the eternal feeling of believing in flying.

The intention of the brand is to encourage each child to open their wings and discover their own magic to make their life an adventure. The designer of the brand, Mercedes Armendariz Averbuch said that in addition to providing unique and special pieces in each model, the purpose of the design process is to be able to open a door for children that helps them discover their inner magic, to exploit it, to imagine and to fill their world with fantasy. Some of the products that you can find are rabbit ears, unicorn horns, clothes, flowers and the favorite, wings for children and adults.

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