Anudando: Conscious Design

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

Mexican crafts are one of the richest and most valuable elements in the country’s culture. Anudando has been helping to preserve this tradition by using more innovative materials and processes without losing the essence of their techniques and original designs. The Mexican company is based on sustainability and looks for local solutions to promote fair trade and the reuse of waste materials, and then transforming them into products through creative craftsmanship.

Mexico is the country that uses more plastic bags globally; in Mexico City alone, more than 10 million plastic bags are used daily, and less than 5% of them are recycled. Anudando reuses this material of such low quality and economic value, transforming it into aesthetic, valuable, durable and high quality products in its Renacimiento collection. Its Kuni collection, however, was born from the interest of promoting and rescuing the textile crafts from indigenous communities of Queretaro, and working in collaboration with them. They have developed contemporary-designed kitchen accessories with hand embroidery. Its third line is Tuntixtila, which highlights the exquisite qualities of simple, less-valued wood, and transforms it into utilitarian objects. All the reused wood used is 100% natural and organic. Anudando recently launched its new collection, Agua y Concreto, which consists of cushions and rugs made 100% of wool and inspired by geometric details of modern and ancient architecture along with shades of aquatic ecosystems.

Anudando also works with the communities of Estado de Mexico, Queretaro, Guanajuato and Michoacan, and all of their products are made by a high design process, expressing a unique story of each of its artisans. Such projects fill this country with pride and offer high quality products in a market currently in search of unique items.

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