Atentica Collective: Joining History with Talent

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

This Collective is inspired by the unknown, the artists, materials and methodologies that really touch the heart of the people. It is moved by the silence of contemplation, by a sunset, it lives for the land, for the corn, for the textiles, for the different uses of each garment. All the actions that lead us to make sense of and create an intention to every action is where the true value of every object really exists. Joining forces between contemporary artists and artisans with ancestral wisdom (passed from mouth to mouth and family to family) in the communities of Mexico, have made strong alliances to create objects with bright souls that can inspire and be a part of your life and your space.

By believing in a network of genuine collective design, Atentica Collective brings together talent with these features to create a platform where you can buy and disseminate these objects. In this store you will always find the story, the inspiration and the methodology used for each piece. Mexico is a country rich in history, culture, climate and different features depending on the region where you are. This creates cultural unlimited wealth, creating infinite inspiration for anyone who takes the time to feel it and discover it. Take time to get to know this platform, in the processes that each artist uses. Bring into your life pieces that have an objective more important than just being decorative; these pieces are for introspection, pieces of self-discovery and connection with the surroundings.


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