Awakening, The First Hotel in the World Designed for Happiness

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

There isn’t a country on the planet that is equal to another but talking about Mexico there is no doubt about it. Mexico is a totally magical and surreal country that is full of life, nature, culture and history and even more so it is full of people who always have a smile on their face. This is Mexico. It is no wonder why this is the location where someone thought about building a hotel to promote happiness in nothing more and nothing less than the paradise of Tulum.

It is definitely a little uncommon project. Guests will be able to travel to an uncovered cenote, and will spend their time staying and sleeping in a “human cocoon.” You will enjoy an experience that is designed to make you WAKE UP and awaken your connection with nature, with others and most importantly, with yourself. This is the motto of this hotel that the designers planned in the midst of the beautiful rainforest of Tulum, with cocoons for rooms that will be connected through wooden hanging bridges and panoramic views of the rainforest and the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Tulum is visited by many people around the world from celebrities and artists to writers, poets and many more personalities because it is a magical spot that has been able to be kept in an almost virgin state with rustic touches.

The architecture in which Awakening has been inspired is from the sacred geometry that mimics the ways that nature use for its creation patterns to generate forms and shapes. We will have to wait until 2018 to be able to stay in one of these human cocoons. Meantime we leave you with the previews at Awakening.


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