Berkana, Creating Interior Beauty

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Berkana comes from the 8th Celtic Rune representing growth, renaissance, fertility and relationship with the being or with the divine. The name represents what Berkana wants and creates: new beauty in spaces and furniture pieces in need of renewal. Berkana works with independent artists to create ideas and concepts for unique spaces for each client.

Located in Mexico City this special atelier offers a variety of services from the development of the concept of an interior space, to the sale and repair of furniture. Berkana has multiple spaces: a showroom where the furniture and accessories are sold, a workshop in which they repair the old furniture in order to give life to them or simply to give a new twist to your favorites ones, and the Attic Berkana Shop where they receive antique furniture that is arranged and sold. And finally carpentry berkana, where the furniture with unique designs are created with the goal of having a constant line of original products that are not in the market such as lamps, tables, closets, etc.

The repair of the furniture perfectly defines the name Berkana: renaissance and the relationship with the being and in this case with what surrounds it. It is certainly an option that preserves the identity of the objects and furniture that have been a part of the family for generations but gives you the option to give a hint of identity to each one of them. Preserving traditions and also taking care of the environment. Braavo!






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