Have a Royal Wedding at the Hacienda San Carlos

In Architecture & Design, Bridal by Isabella Moreno

Mexico is made up of different locations and multiple landscapes of colors that vary depending on the area. The region is made up of different mountains and lakes, climates and cultures, and even varying shades of ocean-blue depending on which coast you are on. Mexico is full of diversity, culture and tradition making it an ideal spot for weddings. One of the most popular states for marriage is Cuernavaca, the “Eternal Spring State.” The antique quarters, overflowing gardens, nearly perfect climate and a lot of diversity make it an ideal location. One of the favorite spots here is the Hacienda San Carlos. The history of this beautiful hacienda goes back to the origin of its structure; it was founded to cultivate corn and sugar cane, and dates back to the seventeenth century. Today, it is a majestic example of Neoclassical architecture, with cantera details on the facade structure, columns and chacoaco.

The Hacienda San Carlos has a variety of spaces for the different phases of your event: multiple gardens, the terrace, and the nature-filled hall of the hacienda. The walls of the hacienda reflect the history and encompass nature; many trees line the walls and generate a shadow that is perfect for day time events, creating a magical atmosphere in all senses. The Hacienda San Carlos is the absolute definition of natural elegance.

At Hacienda San Carlos you will find these different spaces:

*Civil mounting area
*Welcome cocktail area
*Four different gardens
*Main hall with capacity of up to 600 people
*Terrace for small celebrations
*Place for exhibitions or brand launches
*Beautiful chapel with capacity for 100 people
*Wonderful places to hold photo and video sessions
*Parking with a capacity of 60 cars with valet parking
*Majestic night lighting

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this magical space for a royal-like wedding, between old walls, giant trees, candles and flowers.

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